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If you think that the Bible is a confusing book, then you’re not alone.  Now you can know what it says and means for sure!



At Last, A Break-Through Approach
That Will Help You
Make Sense Of What The Bible Is All About
Once And For All 

That's right! With the Bible Mastery Boot Camp's Bible training program, I'll take you step-by-step through the entire Bible in an easy-to-follow, systematic approach that will help you to grow in your mastery of the Bible - Guaranteed!

If you want to discover for yourself what the Bible actually says and means, if you are searching for a proven way to finally put together all the key people, events and covenants, if you want to conquer your fear of that big, massive Book - then you’ve come to the right place.

Secret Story of a Seminary Graduate

I developed the Bible Mastery Boot Camp over 30 years after graduating from Denver Seminary. It took me that long to finally figure out what the Bible is all about. After three years of graduate work and over three decades of ministry I finally understood why the Bible is the most misunderstood book in the world. Here’s my story.

From Seminary to the Mission Field

After I graduated from Denver Seminary with a master’s degree, my wife and I began our ministry experience as part of a support system for missionaries in Southeast Asia. We served the children of those missionaries at a school in the Philippines called Faith Academy. Actually, my wife was a former high school student there because her American parents were missionaries in the Philippines.

Our six-year experience there gave me the opportunity to see missionary work first-hand as we interacted with hundreds of missionaries from all over Southeast Asia.

In 1986 we returned to the States and I served in three churches as pastor or associate pastor until about 2011.

My Awakening

Of course, I was familiar with and taught what most people commonly believe regarding what the Bible is about and who it is for. But after 30 plus years of reading, studying and teaching the Bible, I began to discover that I was not correct in many areas. I still believed and maintained some of the historic truths I could defend from the Bible, but there were some critical areas I could not defend any longer. When I started to piece together the Bible in a new way, I finally began to grasp the whole picture. It was really revolutionary for me.

In Seminary, Nobody Admitted the Truth of the Matter

Honestly, even from seminary days, I can’t say I really understood the Bible as a whole. And I don’t think my colleagues, and even perhaps my seminary professors, did either. Everything seemed to be taught as isolated parts. We had Old Testament classes and New Testament classes. We had separate theology courses studying isolated doctrines such as what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ, or salvation, or the church. There were many things we learned, but no one seemed to be able to put it all together from the beginning of the Bible to the end. It wasn’t even attempted to my recollection.

For many years, I believed I was doing my very best to teach the Bible accurately. It was a priority. But in the back of my mind, I had questions I could not answer. Something was missing. It wasn’t just many little things, it was an overall understanding – a bigger picture that was missing.

My Personal Journey

It all began about 20 years ago when someone posed a question to me – a Bible question. I answered it, but it was the wrong answer because it did not match what the Bible actually said.

It wasn’t a trick question, but a really basic one! I should have known the answer.

I was appalled at myself. After all those years of schooling and study and I could not answer a basic Bible question. It was a humbling experience for me, as you can imagine. Embarrassing.

The Question

I’ll bet you are wondering just what the question was. Okay, here it is:

According to the Bible, with whom did God make the New Covenant?

Should be easy to answer – right? It’s a really basic question because the New Covenant (Testament) makes up a very important part of the Bible.

Do you know the answer? Without looking at the Bible? Do you know where the answer is in the Bible? If you don’t, don’t feel stupid, because I have personally asked many pastors that same question that I was asked. And to this day, not one has given me the correct answer. If they don’t know the answer, why should anyone else?

My Mission

Well, that question started the wheels turning in my head. Because the answer to that question made me ask even more questions about how that New Covenant fit into the rest of the Bible.

I had to find out answers to more questions. I was on a new mission.

So, I decided to start all over again – from the beginning. And believe it or not, I started with the Table of Contents of the Bible! That was over 20 years ago.

Bible Mastery Boot Camp

As a result of my study and research, I created a step-by-step systematic study of the entire Bible so others could easily know and understand the Bible for themselves. I call it the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. It simply clears up the most misunderstood book on the planet – Guaranteed! More about the Boot Camp in a minute.

Clears What Up?

Let me tell you exactly what is so misunderstood, even by those pastors and teachers of the Bible who are, like I was, well-intentioned and sincere.

  • First, the covenants of the Bible have been misapplied.
  • Second, the primary men and women of the Bible have been misidentified.
  • Third, many of the common words, like “Jew,” “Gentile,” “man” and “world” have been misconstrued.
  • Fourth, critical historical, biblical events have been just plain missing.

Rediscovered Keys Supplied

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp gives you honest, straight-forward answers, based on the evidence of the Bible that will clear up the misunderstanding. No trickery, no forced conclusions, nothing hidden.

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will give you the knowledge and understanding of

  • Key family covenant connections showing a consistent unity of the Bible.
  • Key word definitions that will help explain more accurately what the Bible says.
  • Key historical events that will completely change how you understand the whole Bible.
  • And key easy-to-learn principles of interpretation that you will apply time and time again, so you can discover the Bible for yourself.

The Secret that Unlocks the Mystery of the Bible

I have now put together the Bible Mastery Boot Camp so that I can share with others what I have learned and more importantly, how I learned it. I don’t know of another more comprehensive Bible training course that offers such a unique and revolutionary approach like this.

The secret that I found, which I share with you, is exactly how to approach the Bible in order to unlock its mystery.

When I look back now to what I believed or assumed to be true with what I now know, I realize that I completely misidentified who the key people of the Bible were and to whom the major covenants of the Bible belong. As a result, I was mistaken and misled many. And so I can say without any malice that just as I misled others, so almost all the religious leaders and churches today are misleading many. I think most, like me, don’t realize they are misleading others. Yet, the consequences are really devastating. More on that later.

Is Something Missing?

Do you also feel like sometimes the Bible is disjointed – that something is missing in order to connect all the parts together? Sometimes some of it makes sense, but then you run into certain verses or passages in the Bible that seem to be contradictory or just don’t fit.

Do you ever wonder why there are so many churches with different and conflicting beliefs?

And, by the way, have you been puzzled as to why our nation and the rest of western civilization is going from bad to worse in almost every area of life – morality, economics, peace and security … and yet we have thousands of churches, an abundance of Christian Bibles and literature, TV and radio programs, Bible schools and seminaries.  We are experiencing a free-fall in every area of historic Christian civilization and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

Something is Wrong!

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help you make sense of the Bible and give a foundation to help you understand why the Bible is so misunderstood and why we have almost completely missed its message and counsel for our times. And best of all, you can prove it to yourself because you will be trained how to read and study it.

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help you put the pieces of the Bible together so you can see the complete picture of God’s intention and plan to transform your life, your family, the local church, your community, and your nation.

Here is What Previous Students Said
The Bible Mastery Boot Camp:

"A great deal of what I [previously] learned about the Bible was wrong, misleading or inaccurate. The Bible Mastery Boot Camps clarify a great deal which would allow people to read the Bible with a much greater understanding." – JD

“I didn’t have a clue and read the Bible without thinking about the meaning. [The Bible Mastery Boot Camp] allows you to want to go forward in the Bible to apply it to your journey through life.” – AW

“This presentation is exactly what is needed to begin the process of building a foundation with big pieces of the puzzle.” – GS

“[The Bible Mastery Boot Camp] is a real eye opener.” – MV

"I am only one of many very ignorant souls. The Bible Mastery Boot Camp certainly is the beginning of the dominoes falling. Before attending these classes, I was totally ignorant of the history and meaning of the unconditional and conditional covenants. In fact, the true meaning of Christ's death was never revealed to me - until now." - BF

"It is very well documented and not just opinion." – LM

“If you want to understand what the Bible says you must read it yourself – not let anybody tell you what it says.” – HS

“Excellent breakdown of the Old and New Covenants. I liked the step by step process and learning the process of context. I think it was a great course.” - MO

A Proven Step-By-Step Approach
That Will Transform Ordinary People
Into Bible Masters

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp Revealed

Module One:  "Laying the Foundation"

This is where you start. Here we begin to connect all the major people, events and covenants of the Bible together. At the end of Module One you will already have a solid grasp of what the Bible is all about. Training time: only 6 hours.

Get ready to see the Bible and how it is put together in a brand new way. There will be some truths you have never seen before and a few surprises that will change the way you read and study the Bible - forever!

Module Two:  "Evidences of Israel's Identity Today"

The next step after Module One. In Module Two, you will encounter one of the best documented resources available identifying biblical Israel today. Many historical references reveal a virtually unknown secret about who this people is today. And in addition, the Jewish historians tell us about who today’s Jews are and the truth about Judaism and the Talmud. You won’t want to miss this one. Israel’s identity is crucial to understanding what the Bible is all about! Training time: only 6 hours.

Module Three:  "Foundation & Fulfillment in the Old & New Covenant Scriptures"

This Module really helps you get to another level of mastery of the Bible. Module Three brings together the Old and New Testaments showing how the Old is fulfilled in the New. The biblical evidences in this module will open your eyes to new revelations and what has been incorrectly taught and misunderstood in most churches today. You will be amazed at the unity and consistency of the Bible – how it all fits together. Training time: 17 hours.

Module Four:  "God's Covenant Creation"

Now, with a solid background of the Bible, you will be ready to tackle some of the most confusing and misunderstood stories of the Bible, such as the Genesis creation, the creation of Adam, the Flood event and the famous Tower of Babel (Genesis 1-11). At the end of this Module, you will be able to answer important questions and masterfully grasp the whole unfolding plan and purpose of God from Genesis to Revelation. Training time: 16 hours.

Who Does Not Qualify for this Bible Mastery Boot Camp

THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! This Bible Mastery Boot Camp is not for you if you:

  • Are satisfied with your level of knowledge and understanding of the Bible;
  • Have a prideful attitude toward pet doctrines and dogmas and are unwilling to determine whether or not they are true;
  • Are not teachable or trainable;
  • Are argumentative; and
  • Have concluded that there is nothing that can be done to correct the moral freefall and political corruption in our nation.

Who Does Qualify for this Bible Mastery Boot Camp

But it is for those who:

  • Know something is missing and want to find out what it is;
  • Are ready to engage in the process of learning how to study and read the Bible;
  • Are willing to set aside pre-conceived or assumed ideas and beliefs about what the Bible says until all the facts are verified as true, correct and certain;
  • Are courageous enough to change their beliefs if they discover biblical truth that may be contrary to what they thought was the truth;
  • Are teachable and want to be trained how to find out what the Bible says and means by what it says; and
  • Have a sense that the Bible offers answers and solutions for our time.

My FREE Offer to You

I want to make an offer to you. I want you to be able to see for yourself how I approach the Bible and take you through it.

I am offering you the first two classes of Module One absolutely free! There is no further obligation to take the entire Module One Course.

It just takes a couple of minutes to sign up and get your own special, secure account that will give you 24/7 access to the videos for Classes 1 and 2 along with a free .pdf download of the accompanying class course notebook so that you can take these classes at your own convenience. After you complete Class 1 and take a brief quiz on what you learned, you will be given access to Class 2.

Just click here (Start My Free Classes) [HOT] and get started today. Remember, the first two classes are free with no obligation.

This is your opportunity to discover for yourself how I take you through this valuable Bible teaching and training course. What have you got to lose? There is no risk to you.

And, by the way, we don’t share your personal information. We will not stuff your email mailbox with constant messages. We will give you updates periodically about what we may offer or other helpful instructions about the Bible Mastery Boot Camp. And you can easily get out at any time.

So, are you ready to get started? Access your free classes here (Start My Free Classes) [HOT] and join me for Class 1 of Module One of the Bible Mastery Boot Camp.

See you soon!

My Rock-Solid Guarantee

I believe that this Bible Mastery Boot Camp is so transforming and revolutionary that I guarantee that you will grow in your mastery of the Bible.

If you decide to purchase my online* video teaching and training of Module One and you go through and complete all the classes and take the short quizzes at the end of each class, and you still don’t feel that I made good on my promise to you that you will grow in your mastery of the Bible, I will refund your money for Module One in full. Refunds may take up to 7 business days. If my guarantee falls short in your opinion, it’s FREE. No obligation with no risk to you!


I believe that the Bible Mastery Boot Camp is what will help you and others like you discover for yourself what the Bible actually says and means and I am willing to back it up with my rock-solid guarantee. And in the process of completing these modules you may begin to understand what God has revealed, who you are, where you came from, and your purpose and mission in life!


*This guarantee applies ONLY to the online video course of Module One and excludes any physical DVDs, Bible Mastery Boot Camp packages to be offered in the future and also any Bible Mastery Boot Camp course notebooks or any books purchased from Bible Mastery Boot Camp.

But It's More Than Personal

I love how the Bible Mastery Boot Camp can help other people personally. But it's more than that.

Most of the major issues that we face today are the direct or indirect result of the failure to understand what the Bible actually says, such as:

  • Unending and unnecessary military conflicts causing suffering, death and destruction
  • Street violence and crime
  • Racial strife
  • Economic problems: recessions, depressions, inflation, unemployment
  • Moral failure and depravity undermining the integrity of the family

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp and the knowledge and understanding about what the Bible says reveals the real underlying causes of all these seemingly insurmountable problems we face today.

I also believe that the Bible Mastery Boot Camp may help reunite marriages and families with a common purpose.

And honestly, if the churches currently have all the correct knowledge regarding what the Bible is about and who it is written for, why are historic Christian nations like America and many other European countries in a dangerous decline? Why are there so many different churches and denominations with opposing doctrines? Something isn’t right. Something isn’t working. We must ask, “Is something missing?”

Yes, we must take another look at the Bible. I believe the Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help begin to redefine biblical Christianity and the church – to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once handed down to the saints” (Jude 3).

6 Questions You Should Ask To Help You Find
The Right Bible Training Study For You

If, by now, you believe you qualify for the Bible Mastery Boot Camp, you may want to ask yourself if the Bible Mastery Boot Camp is the best Bible training course of study for you. I realize that there are a lot of Bible studies, books and schools out there. But these 6 questions may help you make an informed decision.

  1. Do they offer an easy to follow, step-by-step, systematic approach to understand the whole Bible?

      (That’s what the Bible Mastery Boot Camp is all about – a methodical, easy-to-understand process through the whole Bible).

  1. Do they help you discover the Bible as a whole and how all the parts fit together?

      (The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help you put together all the significant people, events, and covenants that will naturally create a consistent, unified whole. Like putting together a puzzle until the picture is complete.)

  1. Do they train you in the standardized and accepted principles of interpretation?

      (The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help you actually use and apply easy-to-grasp standard guidelines to understand the Bible so it eventually becomes second nature for you.)

  1. Do they help you understand Greek and Hebrew key word definitions and how certain literary styles affect how you interpret the Bible?

      (The Bible Mastery Boot Camp helps you integrate and apply the meanings of words and how to distinguish when the Bible is to be taken at face value and when it is symbolic, for example.)

  1. Do they help you to discern between what you were told to believe or assumed to be true and what the Bible actually says?

      (The Bible Mastery Boot Camp is all about “discover for yourself.” That’s the way it’s set up so you can know what the Bible says for yourself and verify what you were told to believe.)

  1. Do they clarify your ultimate purpose and destiny?

      (The Bible Mastery Boot Camp will help bring into sharp focus who you are, why God has created you, and gives you direction about your mission in life.)

The Bible Mastery Boot Camp does all this – Guaranteed!

Take Action

If this is for you, you need to take action. Sign up now for your two free classes of Module One. Click right here: Start My Free Classes [HOT]

Here is your no risk opportunity to get started on your path to Bible mastery.