The Meaning of Life Itself

Deep within the core of your soul and every cell of your body is a hunger and thirst for a truth that will totally satisfy the need for absolute meaning and purpose and answer your question: What is the meaning of life itself?

Heritage and Destiny

It may be an unconscious drive to find that ultimate meaning of life itself. To know and live in a purpose greater than yourself is that meaning of life. And it can only be found when you get deeply connected to your heritage and destiny – where you came from and your ultimate purpose. When you find the truth that gets you back to your roots, you begin to learn about who you are and why you exist. Then you find your ultimate destiny and become immersed in the meaning and purpose of your life like you never knew before.

Knowledge and Understanding

But how do you find it and where can you go to search it out? There are thousands of different paths you could take. So how do you know it’s the right one? One thing is for sure, you must have reliable information and a time-tested source that will help you uncover the knowledge and understanding that you need in order to find the meaning of life itself. You have many different choices out there – but only one is the right one.

The Bible

Although it has been discredited over the last many decades, I have found only one source of trustworthy information. In my personal quest for ultimate meaning based on my heritage and destiny, I can only tell you what I found. After 40+ years of reading and studying the Bible I have discovered where I came from, who I am and what my purpose is. And I want to help you to see what may be for you, too, that same heritage and destiny.

The Covenant Heritage Series

That is why I have written a series of books that offers a step-by-step approach to help you unlock the mystery of the Bible. I believe it may help you put together the puzzle pieces of the Bible story in such a way as to give you accurate knowledge and understanding, connecting you to your heritage and destiny.

Without good, reliable and verifiable knowledge presented in an understandable way, the mystery of this time-tested Bible will remain hidden. And I believe that it has been hidden for centuries. I had to search many years for the truth of it although there were a few men over the past decades who provided bits and pieces of the Bible puzzle. From their help and my own study, I was able to put the whole Bible story together, it became a new and living Book. It has transformed my life!

Start at the Beginning

I can help you re-discover the Bible again! I can help you find your heritage and destiny. When you find them, you will not only reconnect with the Bible, but with its Author – the God of your fathers.

I encourage you to consider the books offered here that may be unlike any other books you have ever read. They will help you go through the Bible in a clear and effective way so you can better grasp what the Bible says and what it means. And they will help you bring into focus the knowledge you need to find your ultimate purpose.

The books in the Covenant Heritage Series have a definite order. They build upon each other. Start with Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage: Laying the Foundation.  It’s available now!

The Meaning of Life

After you read this book, you may never read the Bible in the same way again. Let me put it this way, you will have a beginning foundation that will help you discover for yourself what the Bible says and means. And as that becomes clear, you will find your heritage, destiny and the meaning of life itself!

By Lawrence Blanchard, N.D., M.Div.


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